Dexters Workwear for Painters Review

I recently bought a pair of Dexters women’s work trousers after ‘making do’ with men’s trousers for many years. I had tried other brands of women’s trousers but the fit was never correct, or they were so uncomfortable I’d throw them in the bin after a week.

I finally took the plunge and bought a pair of Dexters trousers after hearing good things from other female decorators. On the whole, I wasn’t disappointed.

dexters work wear trousers


I always liked to order my work wear one or two sizes bigger. As decorators we often crouch, climb and bend in ways to reach difficult spots. So, being able to manoeuvre well is always beneficial. I decided that, as these are specifically designed for the female physique, I’d order in my dress size. I was slightly disappointed with the fit, as I had lots of space around my waist, with it being a little snug around the hips and top of the thighs. Saying that though, the length of the regular trouser leg was spot on for myself at 5ft 5ins. Women do come in lots of different shapes, sizes and proportions so it’s hard to get a ‘one shape fits all’ work trouser that’s durable enough to last.


I’ve worn my Dexters trousers at work for about four weeks now, both on-site and in domestic environments. So far, they’ve held really well with no loose threads or damage. I’ve also found that they clean up in the wash better than other brands I’ve tried. Which is a great plus as I’m often wearing them when I meet clients. Looking clean and tidy definitely helps you win work. They also hold their shape well, I’ve had no issues with washing and tumble drying my trousers. Which is nice as I’ve had a lot of other trousers shrink up at the ankle.


If you buy these trousers, you will need the belt (£6.60) and the decorator pocket set along with it. The pockets on the trousers are basic and when you’re hanging wallpaper or working at height, you’ll need more compartments for your kit than the trousers allow for. The decorators pockets are great, they come with a handy loop for your wallpaper scissors and enough space for your hanging brush and other tools. They also provide bundles which give a good saving on being bought individually.


Dexters sell their trousers individually or as part of a set and have different packages to suit different budgets. The trousers on their own are £50.40 inc VAT, with the shorts being £45.60 inc VAT. Their packages vary from £60.00 inc VAT (that’ll get you the shorts and decorators pockets) to £192.00 inc VAT (that gets you two pairs of trousers, 2 beanies, a baseball cap, a hoodie, a belt and the decorator’s pockets). I realise they’re a little dearer than some brands, but in this case, you’re definitely getting what you pay for. Its definite value for money and a great investment, especially as the trousers will last and last.

In summary, these are definitely the trousers to buy for the discerning decorator. An all-rounder that keeps you looking like a pro whilst giving you peace of mind that they are good quality.

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